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PPL, CPL, IFR  and C Cat Theory Courses

Pass all your PPL theory exams in 2 weeks - CPL in 6 weeks !!!!

Yes that's right - in conjunction with the North Shore Aero Club - we are running 2 week PPL daytime. and 6 week CPL theory courses covering all six exams. No need to study for months on end taking up valuable flying and leisure time - get them all done in one big hit, then your free to concentrate on the fun part - FLYING!!

A lot of students struggle to find the time in their busy schedules to knuckle down to study. Our two and six week courses have been designed to give you as much information as you will need to pass the ASL exams. For PPL, three subjects will be covered each week. For CPL one subject per week. You will need to book yourself into the exams and suggest you do that straight away whilst its still fresh or you may want to give yourself further study time giving you flexibility dependant on learning ability and available timeframe.

For the PPL course, a course manual will be provided but additional reading can be gained from the Aviation Theory course books which can be purchased individually from us.

Course Costs:1

PPL two week course = $1300 (includes heli tech)

CPL six week course = $3000

IFR  two week course = $1500

C Cat 4 day ITC course = $1500

BGT two day course = $500

Robinson Safety Awareness Training = $350 + Flight 

Places are strictly limited - minimum five and maximum twelve students per course keeping the class ratios small enough to maximise students enjoyment and benefit.

PPL course starting - 2 weeks - 9th - 20th April 2018, 9-20th July 2018, 12-23rd November 2018


CPL course starting  - 6 weeks -  28th May - 6th July 2018  (can run individual subjects on request)

IFR course starting - 2 weeks -  7-18th May 2018, 8-19th October 2018

C Cat Instructor Training Course starting 201 - Enquire (4 days)


Robinson Safety Courses - On request and run frequently

Crew Resource Management Courses - On request - (1-2-3 days)

GPS Ground Course starting - 2018 - Enquire (1 day)

Maintainence Controllers Course - Via CAA - Enquire (2 days)


Dangerous Goods Course - TBC - Enquire (1 day)

Basic Gas Turbine Course - Feb 2017 TBC - Enquire (2 days)



BOOK YOUR PLACE NOW!!  Download the application form and fax to 09 426 8746 or email it to with payment by the Friday preceding the course start date. 

Also apply for your ASL client number straightaway via the post as it takes a week for it to come through before you can book any exams.

Theory Course Application Form


IFR Theory Coures -

Inconjunction with North Shore Aero Club, we also offer and run a two week theory course. This will systematically go through all three subjects to prepare you for the IFR ground exams. Our courses are run on an as required basis and costs $795 = books. As our courses are run on demand basis due numbers, please enquire with us and we can advise when the next course is likely to be held or register your interest.


PPL and CPL Individual Classes

If you can't block out two weeks - both daytime and evening classes can be run throughout the year dependant on demand.   We have all subjects in powerpoint presentations with accompanying notes and exams that run through the entire subject syllabus and will be an added bonus to support your study.

If you have a specific timeframe in mind, please do not hesitate to contact us with your requirements. Individual tuition can be arranged with our instructors to fit in with your personal requirements and exam timetable.  Please contact us for more details and pricing.


Aviation OnLine Theory

We are very pleased to offer all students Ron Newmans - Avaition OnlIne Theory. A comprehensive set of on line aviation theory notes and over 8000 questions and answers. A very valuable resource for any student which will aid and back up your other study materials.

The facilities are available here at the office during normal opening hours or by prior arrangement and incur only a small one off fee for unlimited use. Please contact us for further details


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